1. How do I recover my password?

There are a couple ways to retrieve your password, go to your email and look for an email in the search bar for the subject is ESTV Login Information or ESTV Login Information. If you can not find it you can contact the hotline 1-800-742-8256 or estvstories@gmail.com

2. How do I change my card on file?

If you would like to change any card information on file you will need to go to elietestreamtv.com and log into your account with all of the same information that you previously except you will enter your new card information.

3. What is a VPN? Why do I need to use this?

A VPN masks what you are doing online, most wifi providers like to block your ip address or slow down users wifi when they see that the user is streaming and only using there WiFi. If you use a VPN your provider will not be able to see what your doing and this will provide a better streaming experience.

4. How do I refresh the system?

If you would like to refresh the system you can click on Live Tv and once you get to the Category page, then you are going to see 3 little dots in your top right hand corner of your device. If you press on the dots it will give you the option to refresh channels or tv guide, you can choose either or.

5. Where do I find my affiliate url?

If you go to estvaffilate.com and log into your account it will be at the very top of the page once you log in. If you can’t log in because your password is invalid please press forgot password. Refer to our affiliate training here https://youtu.be/ZIz8EI48_V0

6. Can I change my password?

ESTV does not encourage customers to change their password, the password we send out is for your protection, it is a difficult password but we do this for your privacy.

7. What is a speed test? A Speedtest is when you check how fast your download speed is and how fast you upload speed is for your WiFi.

8. Where do I find the speed test?

The speed test is on speedtest.net If you are using different devices to run a speed test you can find the app available in your app store.

9. What are the hotline hours?

The hotline hours are 8:30am-5:30pm PST

10. When do you stop filling orders for the night?

When the hotline hours end ESTV is closed, orders will not be filled after 9pm. Orders will start being filled again the next morning when we reopen.

11. Where do I leave suggestions if I want ESTV to add a movie or a series.

If you go to Elietestreamtv.com there is a suggestion box on the home page toward the bottom, or you can email any suggestions to estvstories@gmail.com

12. Why does my service keep buffering? Buffering come from your WiFi connection and how fast your speed connection is. Which is why we Recommend you do a speedtest First to determine your speed. (We recommend for streaming ESTV you have a download of 50 mbps or more!)

13. What forms do I need to fill out if I want to cash out my back office?

If you become an affiliate you need to fill out the Direct Deposit form and a w9, however if you are out of the United States you will need to fill out a w4 non us resident form. You can email estvstories@gmail.com

14.  Can you be an affiliate without being a customer?

NO, you can not be an affiliate if you are not a customer. When you become a customer ESTV offers their customers a chance to become an affiliate.

15. What is the difference between adult channels and “no” adult stories?

The difference between the ESTV stories and “Non” adult stories is the adult channel package. In the ESTV stories package you will have Adult Content, if you are not interested in this or have children please pick the “Non” adult stories. **There is A fee of $15 to change your package after purchase**

16. What is the ESTV Stories?

ESTV Stories is a software we use to format pics and advertising on Fb and IG stories. You can add music, great effects, and more using ESTV Stories. To log in go to mayoelitestories.com